Aye Matey... Jump on board and come sail the seven seas! Meet with pirates while enjoying all the themed activities, interact with all of our special guest characters!

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A Pirates Life for Me!

Bring the kids to experience the life of a pirate at Treasure Island, sponsored by Iadaluca Chiropractic & SCALLYWAGS.

Kids of all ages will be entertained by the Pirates of Scallywags...

Kids will experience:

 - Treasure Chests
 - Games
 - Crafts
 - Have your picture with a Pirate
                                        and more...












Join the staff from the Erie County Conservation District at several of the islands this year to learn about the environment including water erosion, map reading and more. 









Join the YMCA in water fun and safety!! They will be in Treasure Island showing us all the ways to have fun in the water while staying safe, safe, safe!